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BeS Technologies, Inc. is a global provider of enterprise business solutions in the areas of collaborative commerce, remote education, knowledge management, and personalized Internet experiences. Since its foundation, BeS Technologies, Inc. has been extremely successful providing solutions to our global customers in Germany, France, Canada, United States and Japan.

BeS believes that there are no one-size-fit-all solutions can fully meet the specific and ever-changing requirements of all our customers. That's why all our solutions are specifically tailored for customers to ensure highest satisfaction and efficiency.

BeS views Flexibility, Reliability and Availability as the key values of its products. All the products are designed and implemented under the guideline of enabling the products to be easily customized fit into customers environments.

Great people generate great results. BeS has gathered a great team to achieve its business goals. Our team members have served in industry-leading companies with tens of years of professional experience in a variety of platforms and fields. They have brought BeS deep insights and proficiency in the areas of e-commerce, knowledge management, remote education and personalized Internet experiences.

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